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List: Movies That Stretch The Mind

Posted by nottakingsides on March 6, 2007

…for various reasons (philosophy, truth-seeking, futuristic, existence, self-discovery,  time travel, humanity, didactic themes, psychology, art of film-making, etc…)


 Let’s discuss!

Many of you know me as a “movie fanatic” so I thought I would start some interesting lists for discussion. For me personally, there is something special about each of the movies in the list below that could be meaningful/thought-inspiring to others, or at the very least be good conversational topics. Most of these movies are typically loved/hated, understood/misunderstood, highly reviewed/negatively reviewed, controversial/ignored, etc… Most of the themes are sometimes uninteresting/disturbing to some and exciting/mind-blowing to others.

I realize that some of you may be “way beyond” these topics/themes/issues and/or “where I am” on them and/or have “been there, done that.” If so, then maybe you can teach me something after viewing them?

At the moment I don’t have the time to give reasons for listing these movies, or even mini-reviews, but I will be discussing and writing about each of them in the comments section below over time. And it will be fun to discuss the movies with all of you in the comments section also. Oh, and if you dislike a movie listed, please discuss (so I can sell you on the reason you should agree with me….hehe…)

Also, this list will most certainly have additions added later (since I’m sure I have forgotten many great ones) and still have many movies to see. And I will add your recommendations by request.

Movies That Stretch The Mind (in no particular order):
1. The Fountain
2. Primer 
3. The Prisoner TV Series (17 Episodes)
4. The X-Files (only select episodes)
5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
6. Being John Malkovich 
7. Memento
8. The Matrix
9. Vanilla Sky
10. Magnolia
11. The Butterfly Effect
12. “Aeon Flux” TV Series (16 episodes)
13. The Corporation
14. Apocalypse Now
15. 2001: A Space Odyssey
16. Dogville
17. Eyes Wide Shut
18. Secretary
19. The Five Obstructions
20. Minority Report
21. Artificial Intelligence: AI
22. Amelie
23. Schultze Gets The Blues
24. Blind Spot: Hitler’s Secretary

BEWARE: The comments section may contain SPOILERS, so just glance over the comments on movies you haven’t seen yet.


2 Responses to “List: Movies That Stretch The Mind”

  1. nottakingsides said

    “Amelie”: Do only introverts appreciate this one?

  2. nottakingsides said

    “Blind Spot: Hitler’s Secretary”

    This documentary is great for the discussion of “blind faith in authority” and such. It consist solely of one interview with 81-yr-old Traudl Junge in the Spring of 2001, her 1st ever on-camera interview. She still doesn’t forgive herself for participation and liking of Hitler. This interview is simply amazing.

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