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Merry Miller, Holly Hunter & Chris Farley – Awkward Interviews!

Posted by nottakingsides on July 27, 2007

Really bad interviewers..

holly-hunter1.jpg     chris-farley-paul-mccartney1.jpg

                ..and really uncomfortable celebs

 Update: “…Miller directed viewers to another news network’s Web site for further coverage. ” So basically on top of everything else, she wasn’t even aware of which network she was on. Here is a video interview of Miller: ABCNEWS Video Interview . Although she is flat-out lying about not being able to hear Holly (she wasn’t used to satellite delay and admitted to that and “hearing” Holly), it is still interesting to see the aftermath (I know……..schadenfreude.)

I saw the extremely laughable interview by Merry Miller of Holly Hunter via AP, and it reminded me of Chris Farley’s SNL character. See if you can spot the similarities……….haha!

And while we are on a Farley kick, might as well watch these prime cuts:

Patrick Swayze and Farley auditioning for the Chippendales:

I would enjoy being this type of motivational speaker!

This is actually Nancy Kerrigan skating with Farley:



One Response to “Merry Miller, Holly Hunter & Chris Farley – Awkward Interviews!”

  1. rudder said

    Holly Hunter interviewer looked like the winner of a high school “Be a TV Host for a Day” contest.

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