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Consensus is a political concept, not a scientific one, concerning the belief systems of the participants.

Coffee Talk: Free Will, Determinism, Destiny, and more…

Posted by nottakingsides on September 2, 2007

“I’ll give ya a tawpik. Determinism is not the same as Fatalism….discuss!”


“Think amongst yaselves”

Every now and then these questions come up:

“If God knows the future, then do we have free will?”

“Do you generally have “free will” in your daily life?”

“Do you believe in destiny or fate?”

“Since science states we are just atoms bouncing off each other, weren’t our actions/thoughts, decisions set in motion long ago?”

Not much commentary at the moment,  just some random thoughts and links I may be adding to later:


Determinism – Catholic encyclopedia


“Determinism is not Fatalism”

Free Will

Free Will – Christianity

Compatabilism and Incompatabism




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