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“What are my Standards of Right and Wrong?”

Posted by nottakingsides on September 2, 2007

 “..well meaning Christians will say “I am not under law but under grace.””

Nothing shocking here, but a good refresher on the topic. Below is the article:


What are my Standards of Right and Wrong? by Joe Sturz

People often comment on the great degradation of standards in our country and it is no wonder. Just look at the attack on the unchangeableness of God’s standards from the left called relativism (There are no absolutes, all is relative, especially morals). Also the attack from the right that if you uphold the Old Testament legal system (God’s Law Library in Exodus and Deuteronomy) as being relevant today you are often accused of being a legalist. And certain well meaning Christians will say “I am not under law but under grace.”(Romans 6:15). Implying that the OT laws do not apply to the church age.

In one sense these Christian friends are scripturally right. Jesus was sent by the Father, the Law Giver, to fulfill the law for us as our Law Keeper and Law Victim and substitute. (Isaiah 53:8; Romans 4:25; Galatians 3:13). This means that we the Law breakers would not be condemned to everlasting punishment for our Law breaking if we repented and trusted in Christ for our Salvation (Romans 8:1). We are saved through the merits of Christ’s perfect Law Keeping life and the payment in full of the penalty due our sins by His Substitutionary death on the cross in our place for those that accept Him.(Romans 8:4; 10:4; 2 Corinthians 5:21; Galatians 4:4-7).

However there is more to it than that. Once we are truly forgiven of the penalty of death for our sins, then we are out from under the damnation of the accusing of our Law trespasses (Romans 8:1), now we love God’s Law as the only sure guide to what His will is for our daily lives. This is now our standard to measure our progress in growth in grace. (Matthew 5:17-28). Some will say, “Well, my guide is the law of love Jesus gave in the NT.” (Mark 12:29-31). But this law of love is only a heart summary of the Ten Commandments and their civil penalties enumerated in the OT and does not do away with these laws but show how they are really to be obeyed. (Matthew 5:17-28).

How do I love God with all my heart soul, mind and body? By putting Him first in my life in all areas, doing away with idols (God substitutes), respecting His Name, and giving Him one/seventh of my time, the Christian Sabbath. How do I love my neighbor? By respecting his authority and life, not stealing from him nor cheating or lying about him, or greedily desiring what belongs to him. These are the concrete ways I have of loving God and my neighbor. Separate them and deny their relevance and you have vague feelings and impressions to go by as to what are our standards of right and wrong which some have called, “Sloppy Agape!” How can I repent of sin in my life unless I know what law of God I have broken and the guilt my conscience is accusing me of?

As a Christian, it is vital that I love and respect the absolute and unchanging standards of God’s OT Laws as operating in our world today. My sure guide to God’s will for my life, not to earn my Salvation (which is free through Christ’s merits), but to show me my duties in my daily walk with Him and the progress I am making in my growing discipleship.



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